Takedown entire scamcentre?


Just watched a few ScammerRevolts vids and thought I’d check out the site.

I wanted to ask if anyone has taken down an entire scam call centre as opposed to just the one scammer calling? I figure if you can trick them to delete files, can files also be planted? Say in the public Startup folder which could lead to remotely controlling all PCs on their network?


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Yes I have taken down a specific center and they stayed down for a week, then came back. Currently they are down again since Friday after my call flooding made them shut off the number. Their computers have not been on since Friday mid-day (EST) either.


CJones, you’re the real MVP - Love your work :slight_smile:

It’s a very simple thing to do lmao don’t envy him​:joy::joy: I have done the same thing

How has anyone taken down a call center?

If it’s so simple, why doesn’t it happen a lot more often? Just curious.