Tax Form PIN Change

This email is being sent to confirm a recent PIN change to your Tax Forms account profile. The following change has been made:
A PIN change was initiated by you.

If you are unaware of any changes to your account, or believe you have been sent this message in error, please review your account information or contact us immediately at 1-888-228-7783. Hearing Assistance Only (TTY) 1-800-424-0253.

This is an automated notification, please do not reply.

Looked up the numbers and it’s on a lot of sites saying phishing scam. ^^ Plus this was in my spam folder, I know it’s not real because I even checked the actual site its referring to myself.

I called and they are active,

There legit I went through everything on them they real there’s not even any Indians around either lol

Hi! I removed your last post because it was very inappropriate, please don’t make posts like that on the forum.