Tech popup scammers number - (866) 989-0058

Number: (866) 989-0058

They have both windows and apple versions of this popup.

popup link:

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It is literally an image and not interactive (I visited the website and found a terrible image that looks like the one above)
these scammers also need to try harder and update as they forgot Apple’s website uses the SF Pro font and not this older font

Were you on a MAC?
It’s far more worse on Windows. Please avoid visiting that website. It crashed my whole system and I had to force restart my laptop.
What that website could have done to my laptop? Anything harmful ?

Number one, NEVER visit popups on your real PC, use a VM. This website tries to crash the browser and make it unusable so the user is forced to call the number.


Got it. Will never do that again, thanks for the tip, last time this happened I used inspect element (Ctrl+Shift+I) and deleted all the elements to get me back to laptop but this time I couldn’t even do that, even Task Manager won’t load.

I hope there is no permanent damage or any sort of malware in my laptop now, I don’t even have an antivirus.

for those who don’t have a VM readily available, and are good web-based alternatives. both use their own VMs to test websites and get various data (both provide screenshots, Hybrid does more advanced scans, but has a queue due to limited VMs available, but will automatically submit to urlscan so you don’t need to submit twice for results on both)


I kept calling and they kept on answering. LOL!