[Tech Scammer] 1-(800)-935-0764

This guy has been on and off for awhile, claiming to be from various company representatives.
I managed to get into this guys computer and took some files.
They’re posing as Brothertech IT Services:
113 Barnum St, West Babylon, NY 11704-2846

I’m not sure if this is just a cover website, or they do scams and sell computer equipment on the side, but its disgusting. Im calling the victim(s) and potential victims(s) as we speak to clear the air and hopefully get thesse refunds issued.
This is a lie, they are based in India.

ISP: Software Technology Parks of India
Country: India
State: Jammu and Kashmir
City: Srinagar

Fun fact, you can access their router using the ip above ;). Let me know if anyone is able to brute force it open to shut it down! I have tried all of the default cisco passwords on my VM with no luck :frowning:

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I am talking to this guy the number is still active. I called him out and now he is not talking so please call this guy.

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try routersploit but to make it legal you need permission preferably in writing

Just called them up and acted like I had a popup from them and he went on to say that it is “Blocked” By Microsoft.

Their other number: (312) 625-1198

Here is their site:

It also has the same address listed.