Tech support numbers received today


876-490-1300 wallmart tech scammer said I won 400k and a Chevy car.

Ok so this is a huge step about pc matic when i called this number

Number > 1-844-972-6284 < Number

i have a tun of things to talk about what this guy did to tuns of tuns of people left an right clamming how grate this program is when it relley inset
he lets people buy from him an than uses the money to cover all the mistakes that this guy is useing constantly i keep seeing you-tube videos of the program an he takes the 50 $ if not more than raises the prices than will not have a reverse refund or anythang than will not have a right to steal from poor people who truley probley do have a virus or not to save ther lifes

so when he answers he is chines an clames hes amarcan when hes not as well
so many posts about this guy is not fully true with in this is all messed up
an he makes fake adverting videos
so TSU go for it an zap this scamer down with all do respect.