Tech Support Scam - 1-800-918-2034

Here is the number: 1-800-918-2034
Just got called by them. Their website is also a load of BS

Well I could not get much information I called and there is no tech number you just get someone in customer service so more people are going to have to do more research on this one. This might be a legit company but not sure.

I gave them a call. They were not interested as they put my detail into their system and couldn’t find anything. I dragged the call out as much as I could though.

yeah just called them, no identifying information on IVR and you get an Indian lady. Also, their website is not secure and takes you in a loop when trying to register, until it tells you to call. it’s def a scam. Let the fun begin!

I told them are you mcdonalds burger king and wendys and they all said you dialed the wrong number

Fucking idiots