Tech Support Scam - +1 888-931-6874


I called these scum bags armed with a new Windows 7 virtual machine and the fake excuse that ‘my pc is running slow and I think I may have a virus’.

The analyst asked me to download Team Viewer but when I gave him the ID and password without even connecting advised I had a ‘dangerous’ virus and they will need payment before fixing the issue.

I then called him a piece of shit and questioned his morals to which he hung up on me.

This number has been posted by other users on this forum but I can confirm it’s still active.

Happy hunting. :grinning:

+1 888-931-6874

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Thanks imma check it out :cool:

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Is the number right? It’s insactive for me and doesnt match the one on their site?

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I was looking at another tech-support to call and got the websites mixed up but yeah the number worked fine when I called half an hour ago but I can’t seem to get through anymore. :confused:

Will double check and get back to you.

Okay I’ll wait a few hours and if they stay offline i’ll just mark it as a dead number

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Just tried a test call with FireRTC and the line was busy but when I called through Google Hangouts it took me to a voice mail service.

Yeah it might be best to try later.