Tech Support Scam 800-798-8205

Tech support scammers, they’re still around unfortunately

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He seems to be wary of us. As soon as I called a guy answered and gave a fake white name. When I said “hello” he said they were Premie Tech Support and don’t take prank calls

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lmaooo i was calling them on my iPhone and I was using the “67” trick to hide my number , even if you prank them once, you can call them back, and since they don’t know its you because of the “*67”, trick its pretty funny, i was getting this guy name Rajeet? something like that, and the bacon dude on top of me is right , as soon as you start pranking them they tell you “this is not a line for prank calls” and they hang up. bring them hell boys

It’s me again , i’ve called them about 30 times now , had fun messing around with them but they hang up as soon as you say some dumb shit so it’s kind of boring too, it was fun i guess , for some reason the “Rajeet” guy i started calling him a benchode right ? i kept repeating benchode like 20 times and he kept saying this weird ass word , the word is something like “checky”,“shaky,” it sounds like either of those two and i called again since 90% of the times “Rajeet” (he knew it was me since it was my like 25th time pranking him) answers my call he asked me to say the weird ass word , I asked him why he wanted me to say it , he never told me why he just kept repeating
" say “checky” " , id be funny if someone reading this calls them and just say “checky” maybe it means something funny in indian , i honestly have no idea , but if you called them and said “checky” , let me know what did they say !

Number is working again