Tech support scam alive and kicking

Good morning/day/evening everyone i hope everyone’s day is going good so far. Someone posted this number a while ago and I decided to call and see if it still worked and it does! After wasting about an hour collectively of their time one of them called me back on his own line. They do the usual tech support scam. They also seem like they are getting frustrated with me which is always fun so I though why not share the fun with you guys
Call center line-(888) 884-1121
“Ron’s” line- (567) 244-5075


I’ve been having a lot of fun with these guys, but I think I killed their number since they just hang up.

same, called from 2 different numbers and they just hang up …talked to ross (who they killed) ross wanted a 200$ google play card …tony wanted a 500$ google play card and michael who just hung up on me