Tech Support Scammers 1-805-314-0970 Currently Working

Scammer number: 1-719-422-1045 , 1-309-247-5914 , 1-805-314-0970
Scammer website:𝓹ay-Wallet-Support-Number-Moon𝓹ay-Customer-Support-Number/m-p/189588
Any other scammer information: They are currently working.

Going to lock this account so every post has to go through the queue. Indian origin, fake name, and your email looks like it may be used for a travel scam “jet blue”.

Scammers are trying to get more “oversmart” with self reports. I guess we will see what this account tries to post in the future.

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1-805-314-0970 called this number said they were crypto support not tec support