Tech support scammers - Cold call - Amazon scammer

Number: (855) 744-4333

Had to use a different caller since with google voice it just rings, But they do pick up!

Msg they left me - Fri 2:05 PM:
Out of your usual access location. You can ignore this message in case you are using your Amazon account at two different locations. If you do not recognize this activity call immediately at 855-744-4333. I repeat. It is 855-744-4333. Thanks data security team.

Called and harassed them. They dude seemed offended when I was calling him names in Hindi.

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Number is still active I am talking to a scammer now. Let’s see where this goes. My Amazon account has been used in Ohio they said I or someone else bought a gift card from Amazon. Then he says now my network firewall is breached. Now he is talking about my IP address is messed up. Now he wants me to Windows key and R, Eventvwr he is telling me this are all the hacking software and messed up files lol. Now he wants me to delete all my events. Once I told him about event viewer is perfectly normal he just instant hang up I love it he can’t even defend himself I love it.