Tech support scammers from India phone number which keep working

Here is a number which works:


Keep calling them :wink:

is it safe to call with mobile?

It is better to call with google hangouts.

I just got a call from this number : 888-591-9006

Still works lol smh I called them at 11pm at night

This seems to be PremiumTechieSupport. At first I believed it was a legit company, but when I tested the tool on their website on a fresh VM, giving me thousand of critical error, I understood it is a big scam:

Well, Bitdefender gave me a scam warning for this site… :wink:

“I’m sorry sir, but this number is only for registered customers.”

Wankers :wink:

So, they’re not taking new customers ATM (surprise surprise), but I furcked wit them in 3 languages - US English, Aus English, and OOOOOld english [German]!ApFXaCI7uFokkhb81-Qk9CzbA9J8

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Impressive that you change your voice like that. Everytime I call they recognize me immediately even if I try to change it. I don’t understand why they created a support website if they don’t accept clients. It seems odd to me. I’m wondering what ‘registration’ they are talking about and how to do it.

I use a voice changer app -

My German is crap but I seem to get away with it…

:joy: did you hear their message?