Telegram Crypto Bitcoin Binary Options Trading Scam

Telegram has many channels claiming to at least double your investment.
This is one that hasn’t changed much in the last year. I am embarrassed that I fell for it. I sent 100 bucks in BTC.
I already wrote Telegram about it but I’d like to show here some numbers, names (most likely made up by the scammers), etc that may help others.

Bitcoin_ Trading_Community (
‘John Leicester’ @Lei50 (claimed he’s head admin)
1-240-297-0883 (telegram number but they claimed it was whatsapp contact)

__ Other Info on their channel from posts over the last few months __ (MB Forex Traders)

@harrison13 (says Steven Logan and has picture of a doctor)
Skrill ID:
[email protected]
Neteller ID: [email protected]



@martins0323 - says ‘username not found’

What’s app: +14057085827

What’s app contact:

What’s app: +12014904400

CONTACT : @lillybrown (person they say to contact and set up investment)

__ Example investment post __

Investment! Investment!! platform!!! Invest now and get returns in 48hrs choose a plan while it lasts
INVEST 50$ GET 250$
INVEST 100$ GET 500$
INVEST 150$ GET 700$