Telegram Invite links to crypto investing/trading scams

If you want to be added to groups that i dont have an invite link for i can add you directly after youre in my telegram contacts. Join my archive to do so: Telegram: Join Group Chat

Invite links: i will edit this post as i find more links and info for each group

Typing isnt allowed in some channels but if youre in the group the admin will be more likely to go along with your charades.

are these all for the same group under your previous posts? If so it would be good to keep all new information under that post instead of making new topics each time.

No this is a different group. They have near identical names but they are diffrent. I dont know if theyre from the same scammer but i have like 40 different FOREX scam groups ive blocked and reported.


Ah ok, was just making sure! :+1:


No worries! I will try my best to keep things organized and detailed. Im trying to get one admin from a group in that last post to give me his personal cell number. Will update it if i succeed!

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