Textnow alternatives in Norway

Is there some Textnow alternatives that works in norway? I need to call with a norwegian number but textnow only supports US numbers

To my knowledge there are no free services like Textnow in Norway. You will need to find a paid service. Keep in mind that providers for Norwegian numbers must be able to provide documentation for your identity. For any more details as to why I suggest you read the ecom providers guide at https://eng.nkom.no/ (too lazy to find the full url).

You can use https://skyetel.com/ and make your own server for calling and then use microsip for making the calls

bro i need some working scammers number i call and call and never able to catch them
cant let you have all the fun

You have to call at the right times. Usually early mornings because of timezones. You wont’ catch them usually after 5 or 6 unless you get lucky

Thanks :slight_smile: and merry Christmas :slight_smile: