Thank you Scambaiters!

A bit of a disclaimer…I work in tech support for a certain “fruit company.” I’m one of the unfortunate people who gets to clean up the messes that the scammers create. Between this forum and the YouTube channel, I now have a better idea of other things to look for on a customer’s computer in the aftermath.

I just want to thank all of you for putting a bit of a wrench in the scammers’ days. Mind you, there’s more of them and fewer of you, but the fight is much appreciated.

It still blows my mind the number of Mac users who still fall for the “Microsoft detected an issue with your system” popups and phone calls, but they have absolutely NO MICROSOFT ANYTHING ON THEIR MAC.

It’s gotten harder because these very scammers are now spoofing our legitimate “fruit company” support numbers. I legit got yelled at last week by a woman who was accusing me of scamming. She had hit redial on a missed call that appeared to be our number. She then proceeded to cuss me up one side and down the other. She then asked who my CFO was, and I’m like I don’t know but I know who our CEO is. That set her off even worse. I tried to explain the spoofing but she was having none of it. Then asked me if I know who the FTC and FCC are. It was a riot. But yeah, the scammers are making it harder for legit tech support to do their jobs.

Okay, this is rambling. Again, many thanks for all you do!


Welcome to our forums and we will fight till death do us part so-to-speak :blush: