The billing department: (585) 440-3019

Number: (585) 440-3019

dear customer this is an important notification call to you from billing department of computer services this is to inform you that 399 dollars is going to be charged from your checking account or plastic card which is attached in our system within 24 hours for the auto renewal of your subscription if you want to cancel the subscription please press one or call us immediately at support 120

Iā€™m kinda new how do you add a number? I have a microsoft pop up number saying your computer has been infected with pornographic spyware and to call the number and I called and someone picked up then I hung up because Iā€™m not setup right now to bait them

Mobile: click the new topic button in the top right

PC: Click the ā€œ+ā€ in the bottom right

ok thanks also (Iā€™m a subscriber AWESOME STUFF) I watch your videos like netflix XD