The Rick Roll - A classic tribute to Rick Astley

If you’re at all like myself and thoroughly enjoy the thrills of a good old-fashioned prank, than you won’t want to miss this:

Rick Astley, who is famously known for his number one hit song “Never Gonna Give You Up” was the inspiration behind a classic prank and has become now weaponized virus - the “Rick Roll” virus which similarly to a DOS (DENIAL OF SERVICE) attack (minus sending the victim PC into “meltdown”), the “Rick Roll” is a command script that sends a seemingly infinite barrage of popup after popup faster than one would have time to delete, you can command the script to open up any photos/videos or websites of your choosing, and if you’re ever feeling truly spiteful, you could even toss in a pornography link (or 12 :wink: )- sending the unsuspecting victim into a fit of fear and sometimes rage. This is perfect to keep the scammer distracted as you wreak havoc upon their PC and scam business!

I personally enjoy using this script as both a fun prank, and a valuable buyer of time when you’re taking the fight to the scammers or if you encounter a sophisticated scammer whom may be trying to trace your IP, and to aid my fellow anti-scammer warriors, here is a simple tutorial as to how to create your own “Rick Roll”. Click here. Be sure to stay tuned on my next tutorial on how to create a fake warning popup!

~ Hopefully this helps! :smiley:

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