There are TOO MANY scams on telegram

Hello everyone, i dont know if any of you are interested in helping me out with scams on telegram, i get added to Atleast 2 every day. These people are from the same call centers you get these numbers from but they actually get away with it more often because they arent exposing their heavy indian accent. However telegram is a bit different in that they can hide their phone number. And telegram is an app so unless you can reverse access a mobile device you would have to do some decent acting to do any real damage. And its extra hard when you take into account its very easy for them to ban and report you to telegram staff and have your account globally chat restricted if you were the one to message them first. Youd have to go through report appeal and deal with that BS. So if you do help it would be useful to have multiple accounts or, again, very good acting. Ive been calling them out whenever they add me to their groups and ive saved a few people but i have no scambaiting tools other than my loud mouth.

So if you want to be updated and help expose them you can join my archive and with your permission ill add you to every scam group i find. Unfortunately since theyre private i cant reliably get an invite link so i cant just post it here and have you all flood them. Id have to manipulate the scam group admin. But i CAN directly add you if youre in my telegram contacts hence why youd join my archive. I can however post links here to their DM. You might be able to mess with them that way but they might be suspicious when they see you arent in the group.

I see a lot of videos about scam call centers but not on telegram.

Here is the link to my archive: Telegram: Join Group Chat

These are all of the Direct message links and info to the admins of the scam groups im currently in:

Whatsapp invite:Share on WhatsApp

Website given: Optimum Investment Corp

Info given: The company is Optimum investment Corp It is a company registered in Denmark. They negotiate with our investments and deliver to us with a percentage of profit depending on the investment plan we choose.

Website given: TradelitePRO | Creaet Account

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The thing about telegram groups is you get a lot of scammers who operate anonymously. The trick is to get info outside of telegram like websites, cellphone, WhatsApp , crypto addresses or bank accounts.


Exactly. Thats why i said if youre gonna help with these telegram scams youll need to be a good actor. Theyre desperate so its not too hard though.

I got the crypto address for this guy. I know nothing about crypto so how exactly do we report this?

Address: 1EEJUQfcWBZ6mdtztUzjCv7XEk8PLPEwCf

here are a few sites that can help with reporting:

and here’s that wallet’s transaction history

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Wow thanks fren! I will definitely familiarize myself with these. This community rocks

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Not to divert your topic, but I’ve seen some recently making comments on YouTubers’ videos. One appeared to be trying to impersonate Trilogy Media, and the other was trying to impersonate Pleasant Green.
That one seemed to be replying to a viewer’s comment asking for help with a scam. Since the YT page “Pleasant Green Telegram” had just been created the same day as the comment/reply, and had no content, it tripped my BS Detector. YouTube doesn’t seem to have a way to report impersonators.

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