Things to really piss off scammers

Things that aggravate scammers:

  1. Interrupt them.
  2. Call them a rascal.
  3. Curse them out in Hindi.
  4. While they are talking say: “Shut up dumbass”
  5. Play dumb.
  6. Call them some type of animal like pig, cow or dog.
    I’m sure there is more but this is stuff that I do to really piss them off hope this helps.

You could be subtle and all them criminals implicitly

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I’m going to try this next time.

I tell them I’m wearing a negligee, they hang up…

I answer as an FBI agent, they hang up.

I tell them I’m not in front of my machine, they call me a bitch.

Either way, it’s hilarious.

Call them untouchables, in Indian culture it means you’re a begger/hobo (Google Indian caste system).

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I call them “Northeastern Untouchables” since almost all (the freshies/openers, at least) are from the Northeast, but seem hesitant to admit it.

Ask to speak to their “Owner” instead of supervisor or boss.

Tell them to go home… that they are out of their league in the big city. That makes their blood boil.

Remind them how poor and hungry they are. Most openers have not gotten their first payday yet, which amounts to about $150 USD for a month’s work.

Remind them how India used to be a wonderful civilization but the scammers have turned it into a 3rd world fece-hole. Tell them the best thing that could happen to the $hit-hole they live in is for the British to come back.

Remind them that they are over-populated to the point of not being able to feed everyone, yet they continue to breed like lab rats, as their corrupt government sends rockets to the moon.

Assure them that will never be more than they are right now. That they will never leave their 3rd world crap-hole. That they have no money, no education, no food, no integrity, and no hope… and since they are criminals, they will never get a VISA to come to America, where we have all the freedom, all the money, all the food, all the guns and all the knowledge. (The America thing makes them go literally insane)


Didn’t their lunar lander crash? XD

Also, tell them they should go get a factory job as industrial accident test dummies >:D They also have some old steam mills still running in India (they are really cool if you’re into that stuff), I told them they should get ground up in-I mean work at one of those (they are also incredibly dangerous with giant engines and big gears and whatnot).

Wow! like putting salt on an open wound, I’m going to use these!:laughing:

Damn. Looks like you hate these scumbags just the same as me. Gonna tell them this.

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I told one yesterday to send me a check, I am not a dumb ass redneck, and will NOT give my bank info! He called me a dumb bitch and hung up

I don’t really hate them (or even believe everything I tell them) but I do know what makes them mad… LOL

Here’s another one that gets them yelling: Take advantage of the long VoIP to VoIP trans-global delay and start saying something (anything) right when they start talking. They will get louder and louder, and talk faster and faster. Then, innocently comment that they sound upset. Ask them not to talk while you’re talking.

Ask to speak with someone that can speak English.

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When a rundi answers, in your best Chris Farley voice, ask her, “Could you put your daddy on the phone?”

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My version is “I liked you people better under the Crown.”


Call them a “Dalit” - Google “Indian Dalits” to understand the insult.

Are you sure they are from North East of India?

I did some research into this, although the caste system discriminate against North East Indians because they look more oriental with much whiter skin. That been said, every single scammer revealed webcam video on YouTube so far shows a clear image of a dark skinned Indian male (more like an Indian Dalit).

Daddy James always seems to do the trick for a short while!

I interrupt them and act like I speak a whole different language and yell at them in that different language so fast that they hang up on me or I laugh at them and tell them I have no money and they hang up on me lol. Last romantic scammer who dared to chat with me I threatened to go to the Internet cafe and chop up all cafe boys which in Nigeria are known romantic scammers they rarely contact me since lol.

Is than pronounced dahl-EET?

Or just do the classic VM let them try to take over your “PC” when they try to connect tell them the wrong code to the point were they give you them to do the action bar to switch remotes then go threw there pc you can.
A. Syskey
B. Delete files (making sure the remote program they use is like team viewer so it wont ask to do the action)
C. You can wait there time by saying what do I do then start opening ramdon shit to make them mad and towards the ending while you say can i talk to somone else and if they do do this then go on and syskey or more

wasn’t syskey removed from the new windows update?