Thirsty Instagram "girl" Needs $100 iTunes gift card

“She” found me on my throwaway IG account that I use to catch scammers.

After some back and forth on IG chat, she shifted over to Hangouts. There, she started asking my about my relationship status, what I liked, things like that, making it seem like she wanted to be my girlfriend.
Then, about two hours in, as the conversation got deeper (but not sexual, because she is apparently a good girl,), she asks if I could do her a favor. She then asked me to go to Wal-Mart and get her a $100 iTunes gift card

I told her that I would do that only if she sent me a tasteful picture of her in a bikini or something.

Currently, she’s waiting on me to get back from Wal-Mart with that gift card (because I’m a sucker for a pretty girl), but I figured you folks would want to have fun with what I am pretty sure is a dude from outside the US. She said she was born in Florida and currently lives in Kentucky, but her grammar is in very broken English, and, at one point, she mentioned she had to get off her phone because the battery was low and was going to get on the “mission laptop.” My guess is that I’m dealing with a lad from Africa.

In case you, too, feel like you want to help a girl in need, their IG account name is julihanabrown and her Gmail account is [email protected]. Be aware that this is a romance-type scam, so it’ll require the slow play.

Have fun!


ETA - Once I get an IP for this person, I’ll let y’all know what it is and where they’re actually from.

thanks I will mess up their phone/computer


One good ol gift card always fixes everything! XD