Tips for the beginner


I’m seeing a lot of posts on scambait websites on how to disguise yourself while scambaiting. Here’s a few beginner tips for the record:

  1. Use an app like Textnow or Textme to call scammers. Never call from your number. If you’d like to take extra precautions, you can call your service provider and have an Alias set to your caller ID and have all your information removed.

  2. Use a VM. Virtual Machines keep scammers from being able to access your computer. You can download Windows XP ISO from places like [ ]. I use XP because it is a light os so it runs faster and does not use much space.

  3. Always use an Alias. Voice-changers are also fun disguises but aren’t really necessary unless they’re on to your shenanigans. As far as alias’s goes, you can create whole new people here:

  4. Use a VPN. If you have windows you can use VPNBook, it’s totally free. This will mask your location while connected to scammers online. It seems a little technical but it’s important.

  5. Reset all remote connect passwords. Every time someone connects to your computer using teamviewer, anydesk, etc, there is an option that denies unattended access to your computer as well as resetting the password automatically after they disconnect. Just go through your settings and make sure you’re secure.

Stay safe out there, be relentless.

What app should I use to call
Just getting started
I want start fucking with scammers! Any tips?

the fakepersongenerator is fucking genius.

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