Tormenting Scammers

Hey guys! Thanks for the add! I’ve recently started my war with scammers because my family almost got scammed. Thank God! They called me first. In any case, I would just like to share with you on what I’m doing to decimate the call centers and utterly torment them. Quick background about me… I’m a hacker and developer. To the right deserving victims, I can and did cause a lot of damage and was at a forefront at war with ISIS “Digital Department.” Now I have taken my war to these scammers and this is how I do it:

  • I have customized an Asterisk (VoIP) server to do the following:
    a.) Call flooding - I can send 500+ calls a minute and with each call, it changes the caller ID and usually plays an obscene audio file
    b.) Phone Bridge - I can bridge two calls together (My most frequently used tool). On the scammers phone, it looks like a random Caller ID, but little do they know, they’re actually connecting to another “agent.” Each call is monitored and recorded - My latest demo:
    c.) Various other tools to either DDoS their VOIP or hack into their actual servers
  • Various Penetration tools to scan their networks for vulnerabilities.
  • I have re-coded and recompiled and encrypted NJRat so it’s not detectable by their anti-virus. In fact, I still have a few desktops that are active.

Will be providing very funny and entertainment videos soon!