Travel agency / scam +1 (866) 699-8919

+1 (866) 699-8919

They try to make you to think you’re a calling an company about travel agencies :skull:

I looked up the number it’s for this website

Can you tell me more about your experience? The first guy sounded unprofessional, but he transferred me to a guy who sounded real professional. He was quoting prices from their website nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I called them giving fake info and dropped the call before giving a card number.

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Travel agency scammers usually seem legit, because they don’t have to make up anything. They look at the website and quote the prices, they just don’t book you any real tickets. It’s hard to tell that they are scammers until you try to verify your ticket with the airline. You can sometimes trip them up by asking to book tickets to places that don’t exist or asking about airports in relation to other things people should know in the area, but that’s not foolproof.

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