Travel Package Scammer

This scammer called me and knew my name. Said I had purchased a travel package in 2017 for $598. I told him I didn’t remember buying the package. He insisted that I did purchase the package and never used it so I played along. He told me that the package expired and that I needed to renew the package. I asked him to email me the details and he said he would after he got me registered. I told him he should have my email if I had purchased it in the past. He insisted that the only way he could send me the details was after I registered. I told him he was a scammer and wasn’t getting my money. He laughed at me and said they already had my money and was going to keep it. But I know that’s not true because I never bought a travel package. He hung up. So I called the number back and I think I ws talking to the same person. The guy answered the phone with “Hi and said my name” then went through the whole spill again like they had never talked to me. I could hear rap music in the backgound. This place is surly tying to scam people out of their money. Here is the phone number. 307-886-8087

Eating in the mic with the gain through the roof is the ultimate troll. He was explaining the travel packages and pausing like I was supposed to say wow or something. they don’t mess around when you reveal though, they just hang up. so keep them going for as long as possible before the reveal.

Ill give it a try lets see how long I can mess with them :laughing:

Let us know how much you can mess with them. lol