TSU new member introduction!

So the post New member introduction seems to be getting quite a bit of replies with people introducing themselves to TSU and I figured why not make an official thread where everyone can introduce themselves! Feel free to introduce yourself to the forum under this thread, new or older member! I hope you all are enjoying TSU and to all the new members, welcome to the forum!



My name is R11R. I’m new to TSU but, I’ve been baiting since 2019. I used to use BobRTC until they shutdown, now I’m everywhere.

I’m willing to lend a hand to anyone who needs help getting started with baiting. I have an advanced PBX setup and willing to help anyone else who wants a dope setup.

Looking forward to interacting with you guys.


Im new to baiting about a month in. My acer nitro 5 is currently in the shop getting repaired. When I get it out im looking to go full send.

I have Virtual box with multipul clones of windows 10 and 11 and a couple linux vms.

Anything else you would recomend?

I really want to learn how to take files from them and be able to help victims.

Still working on trying to hide what i feel about what they do and let them rage first. Sometimes temptation to cuss them out is to much.

I just remeber what used to piss me off as a customer service rep and it usually goes pretty well. For me that is…


Hello all again,

I am new on TSU and it has been almost been a week since joining. I am very excited to be here. These scammers are very annoying but one day I will call the scammers for fun. Been a subscriber to your channel for about 3 to 4 years and I like your videos. They are very funny to watch.

Have a great day


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