TSU new member introduction!

So the post New member introduction seems to be getting quite a bit of replies with people introducing themselves to TSU and I figured why not make an official thread where everyone can introduce themselves! Feel free to introduce yourself to the forum under this thread, new or older member! I hope you all are enjoying TSU and to all the new members, welcome to the forum!



My name is R11R. I’m new to TSU but, I’ve been baiting since 2019. I used to use BobRTC until they shutdown, now I’m everywhere.

I’m willing to lend a hand to anyone who needs help getting started with baiting. I have an advanced PBX setup and willing to help anyone else who wants a dope setup.

Looking forward to interacting with you guys.


Im new to baiting about a month in. My acer nitro 5 is currently in the shop getting repaired. When I get it out im looking to go full send.

I have Virtual box with multipul clones of windows 10 and 11 and a couple linux vms.

Anything else you would recomend?

I really want to learn how to take files from them and be able to help victims.

Still working on trying to hide what i feel about what they do and let them rage first. Sometimes temptation to cuss them out is to much.

I just remeber what used to piss me off as a customer service rep and it usually goes pretty well. For me that is…


Hello all again,

I am new on TSU and it has been almost been a week since joining. I am very excited to be here. These scammers are very annoying but one day I will call the scammers for fun. Been a subscriber to your channel for about 3 to 4 years and I like your videos. They are very funny to watch.

Have a great day



Hi all

Pretty new to this but keen to learn. Have a good PC so just going through the necessary research before I start proper


my name is Ben,

ive been doing scambaiting for like 3 years or sm. i was young when i started LOL so had to use a voice changer. currently trynna find a fake bank as the DSJAS isn’t working for me or the devlopment has stopped idk. any suggestions hmu


My name is Kent. For scambating I use the name Fredrick J Flintstone. You would be surprised how many scammers don’t know that name.


Hi there im Joe, first time here. I get calls consistently every couple days but Im not very good at vocal scambaits but i can string someone along for quite some time over text. I mostly screw with the scammers on telegram.


Hi im new to this, not very tech savy, 60 in two weeks and ive just made my first VM. Kept a scammer going for four days! It was magic, loved it, im looking to learn more, how to spoof numbers to hide me and use internet to make calls…any help would be amazing, lets waste their time to keep them from victims! Hi all xx


Hello everyone.

I’m a noob to the scambaiting scene, but I’m really looking forward to having some fun with these scammers once i finish repairs & upgrades on my spare pc.
(Gotta have the best tools for the job. Lol)

And while I’ve been waiting for computer parts to arrive, I started learning some Hindi for good measure. :joy: :joy: :joy:

Peace all & Happy scam baiting… :peace_symbol: :v: :technologist:


Hi im new to this and looking for maybe a mentor type? i cant get past the first hurdle (VMware) due to firmware settings i have no idea how to fix…

Anyway I hope to learn a lot and make some friends while im at it! :slight_smile:

Happy Baiting!


Hey guys,

I am Dragonlover, but you can call me Dragon. I have been watching scambaiting videos from Scammer Revolts and others like Kitboga, Jim Browning, and Trilogy Media. I think Scammer Revolts rocks because you really do some major damage to these guys giving them a taste of their own medicine. Years ago, my mother got scammed by someone pretending to be from our cable carrier. She fell for it, hook, line, and sinker, unfortunately. I had to help her with contacting her bank and explain the situation to them. After a LOT of red tape and hoops, she eventually got her money back. But, this POS managed to drain her account, having the audacity to leave 1 cent in her account, just as a final insult. I was very upset by this whole thing. Then in 2017 I discovered these great videos. Sorry for the rant, but it still affects me, even now. But yes, SR, please keep up the great work!! :sunglasses:


They are lowlife scumbags indeed! Welcome to the team Dragon. :wave:


Not sure if I’ll be able to help.

What is your host OS ?

Slowhand here…
Been watching your YouTube channel for a few years now and always wanted to see how you guys are able to do what you do… Taking down 1 of these lowlife scammers may not have a huge impact but it’s quite enjoyable to watch them crash and burn…


I just got signed up. I’ve been watching different scambaiters’ videos for awhile, and taking little hints and techniques from everyone. (Including some not-so-nice words in Hindi.)
I have an Excel spreadsheet of numbers for some “student loan forgiveness program,” “tax debt relief program,” and “financial hardship loan program” scammers. They are mostly in the USA, and they didn’t spoof many of the numbers they called from. Others were dumb enough to leave a robovoicemail with a toll-free number. My rule is, if they’re spewing out robocalls to cell numbers of people they’ve never done business with before (and who have never had a student loan), they’re scammers.
I’m retired, I’m cranky much of the time, and I hate scammers.I have SpoofCard on my cell phone, and I’m not hesitant to use it. I’m looking forward to doing more once I get my laptop set up right.
I think my record so far for wasting a scammer’s time is 12 minutes. I’m sure I can improve that by learning from everyone on this forum. :sunglasses:.
edited to patch in missing word.


Hey, I currently work with a team of people who hunt down numbers. We can use a number hunter if you’re interested.


Hi, Jen. Another new recruit here, on the opposite coast from you. (Maine)
Have you seen the reel (video clip) on Facebook of the lady who answers suspected scam calls with things like “Thank you for calling the Satanic Hotline”? She’s got a whole routine worked out. I bet you could do that kind of scambaiting. :grin:
I need a “demon” voice changer so I can do that. :smiling_imp:


Hey guys, DMS might be a better place for this convo seeing that this for introductions to the forum. You can start a DM by clicking someones pfp and clicking “message”. :+1:

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Hello! I’m new to this website, but I’ve always done scambaiting for a while, and now looking to expand my knowledge and give the scammers a hard time.