"TV upgrades" scammer "Miss James"

Scammer number: 325-326-6762
Scammer website: NA
Any other scammer information: I haven’t been able to find out if this is a refund scam, or a “send a big check for a ‘deposit’ on the upgrade to a post office box” scam.
The original caller said her name was Anna James, and that she worked for “your TV company.” When asked what that company was, she said Spectrum. She said I wouldn’t have to pay the next three months’ bills, and told me to write down the number above, so I did. I was pleasantly surprised to find it wasn’t spoofed.
Calls to that number usually go to a voicemail that says “Oh hi, this is Miss James, from upgrades department of your TV, thank you so much for calling right now, but I’m [blah blah blah].”
Sometimes the calls are answered by a woman who sounds very much like that same voice, but denies any knowledge of “Anna James” or making any calls about Spectrum. When asked about the voices saying “Hello?” in the background, she said “I have a lot of guests in my house.” Riiiiight.
The originating number was from my own area code, and was spoofed, but the number above is a Textnow VoIP. If she answers, be prepared to hear some whining about “Who are you and why are you calling me?”
I can’t place her accent, but I don’t think she’s Indian. If anyone could give a listen and say where you think she’s from, I’d appreciate it ,(I guess it could even be Abilene or San Angelo TX, where the 325 area code is.)
I don’t know if anyone there is listening to the voicemails they get, but if they do, they’ll be hearing some “varied” content, including a playback of her outgoing message,
Thanks for reading, and for any conversations you have with “Miss James.”

The “new” (802) number is now out of service. The one above was still active as of today 02/27/23), still sometimes answered by the same voicemail (“Oh, hi, this is Miss James”), or sometimes by “Miss James” herself. (Although she says there’s no one there by that name.)