UK Versions of Google Voice

Hi. I want to get into scambaiting but here in the UK google voice doesn’t work, like it straight up doesn’t allow you to make an account. So does anyone know a good UK alternative?

textnow also give you a number

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Oh ok, thank you. I didn’t know that textnow works in the UK.

I just tested it and when I try to sign up it says “An error occured” I googled why and apparently
textnow also doesn’t work in the UK.

For textnow it’s best to signup with a mobile device on the app since the site is a little buggy and then sign in on your desktop browser, if it still gives you an error try a us based vpn.

Oh ok. Thanks. Wow I didn’t expect to get a reply from the man himself. Thanks!

I just tested it and it’s not even on the google play store for me, thanks for the tip anyway. How is Skype for making calls? It’s the only service I’ve got to work so far.

I havent used skype to call scammers since late 2015 - early 2016 so I don’t really know tbh, maybe try on the Microsoft store for windows 10, the app may be available their.

Yeah I tried textnow for microsoft store before and it doesn’t work either.

Skype seems good enough. I’ll try using that for a bit.