"underwriting department services" 1-800-957-4008

Apparently they are some sort of debt relief “company” but never states who they actually work for. Don’t call them later in the night they have hours from 10am to 7pm, monday through friday. I got as far I got was them transferring me to a “US” department and they had me in a three way call. I chatted with them a bit then they tried to get my credit card number and bank info, etc. They also quoted me a 1.9% interest rate!! :rofl:

There number is 1-800-957-4008

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I called them and they eventually forwarded my call to a woman who sounded American. She insisted that the company is called American Educational Services (prior to everyone in the call center claiming it to be American Education Services)… They swear they are legit but I cannot find any info on American Educational Services but I can find American Education Services and they are heavily reviewed negatively.

The toll free number for the legit AES is 1-800-233-0557. However this number responds with Card Member Services and they insist it’s a branch of AES customer support. They claim that this is their California number and the number does trace back to Cali at face value. Just seems odd it isn’t on the AES website if it was in fact their card member service line. Be careful about this one.

I found a lot about AES but nothing about this American EducationAL services that the other woman was insisting she was associated with… Nothing on the Better Business Bureau and immediately after I was done spam calling them I began getting calls from 1 720 500 0102 that was a robo call directing me to 1 800 957 4008 to get lower credit card interest… Everything screams scam about this place

I assumed it was a typo. I can hear people laughing hysterically in the back ground

They have blocked most of my numbers at this point

Just received a call from them, at work otherwise I’d waste their time. But they appear to have upped their game, at least a little bit. The started off by say they they were calling about my Capital One credit card (which I always find hilarious since I don’t own a SINGLE credit card). But beware they are mentioning specific cards which will catch some people.