Unique looking fake virus popup

Scammer number: +1-877-900-0262
Popup link: https://security-warningwinodwsforyou-cfvl6.ondigitalocean.app/#
Any other scammer information:

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pls i want to call them from poland

how to call them from poland privately

Have you tried googling options to call them from Poland?

Two of their Textnow numbers: 737-255-6677 and 716-224-2477

Opener Amber Smith
Closer: Dave Mathews

Dave had an attitude to start with. I trolled them for just over two hours. I will have to edit the video. I have been away from making content for seven or eight months, and it’s good to be back. They didn’t connect to my vm. The scammers instead just talked for a long time and came on a road trip with me to Home Depot. They pretend to be my bank. Instead of a picture of a gift card he got one of buff dude in his birthday suit. Instant hangup and he won’t answer me anymore.


will they be able to track me if i call them from my own number to troll?

i thought about making my phone number private by using *67 before calling but thats what copilot said: " However, it’s important to note that while these methods can prevent your number from appearing on the recipient’s caller ID, they do not make you completely anonymous. Certain entities, such as law enforcement agencies and your phone carrier, may still be able to trace your call. Also, some calls may still reveal your number, such as emergency services or toll-free numbers" and scammer will see that its private and will be suspicious. To use google voice i need to have active USA phone number so using vpn wont give me access and skype is paid and i dont even know if it will allow me to buy phone number from poland i tried also installing textnow on my pc but my pc isnt working properly and i cant install anything from microsoft store and i tried from phone but its just doesn’t let me register each time it say to try again later i also tried calling from browser but it seems that all free browser phone services are scams

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I just don’t understand why you haven’t googled any way to call from Poland and you aren’t directly responding to my questions.


i googled virtual phone number poland and i found only Virtual phone number in Poland but no free its

I some how got the girl, and she throught I was someone on the way to get giftcards…. I’m on the phone feeding her fake cards now….10,000 dollar save…….i can’t wait for the reveal!!!...

Update: I wasted 54 minutes of this scammer’s time!!!..… there not answering any of my calls now…….The last gift card and how I repeated it to her……

H Habbi
R Rundi
T terimakachu
B Beta
T Terimakachu
H Harami
L Lund
B Burka Beta
T Terimakachu
C Choda Laura
I India
S Scammer Hey………… ***Dead Silence ***

2nd Update: They we’re raging had at me a bit a go……


i entered fake giftcard for survey website and entered scammer phone number and agreed to call and text and email lol

Highly suggest not using your personal number as they can sell off your number to other scammers and you can become inundated with spam/scam calls.

It looks like Talk360 is a free calling service offered in Poland, however I would google some other free offerings in Poland for free numbers so you’re not using your own.


i have to enter my number to use talk 360 i dont want to give them my number