Update on previous post and new numbers!

Hello everyone!

Luna here again! After my last post, they stopped using that number. Now they continue to change numbers after I add their new number to the auto-reject. The caller I.D continues to come up as V11920110400759 or V11915320400759 but the number continues to change. I’ve answered their new number that wasn’t auto-rejected to tell them to stop calling my number. But it seems they don’t get the message… It’s frustrating, to be honest. I use my number to mainly call my doctor and the specialists I see. I think I mentioned that previously.

Anyway, here are the new numbers. Whether or not it will do much good I’m not sure. If anyone has any tips on how to stop them from calling it would be greatly appreciated!

1 765-226-5735
1 405-233-0427

Have fun!