Updated DB

hiya, just thought about something
is it possible you do a big database in the way google drive works ??
a big page where people write down the numbers they find with two colums at the end (one to say if it’s dead, the other to give advice or details on the scammers).
so that we don’t have to go throught all of the topics to find numbers (knowing they all are’nt always updated)
why not do the same for scammer mails ??

just an idea, never know

Yes, iv thought about that before but it would need a big team to constantly update and make changes to (Checking for legit numbers, dead ones, etc…) but at the same time, if we did do it, it would also practically make the forum unneeded. SPS had this in the past and we hade a team of around 5 or 6 people and we ended up dropping it.