[US] Paypal Scam


Just found this little doozy on another form and the scammers are claiming to be from Paypal and ‘require’ a Google Play card to verify your credentials.

Give them a call and waste their time? 8502905199.

PS. I called from Fire RTC which is currently working successfully.

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I have more Info on these Scammers:

  1. Real Name of one of the scammers: Jai kissan (he says he’s an illegal immigrant currently working at the call center in Baltimore. The 45 min convo with this guy got really weird.)

  2. Name:Mark (This guy got frustrated at my acccent and decided to have me text my steam code to this phone number 619-378-9935. Make sure to spam him!)

Edit: After well over 100 calls to these scammers, they finally learned how to use the block button, or they disconnected their line.