Verizon Fake Order Cancellation Scam ‭1 (585) 678-8618‬

Today a “Verizon Representative” called me from ‭1 (585) 678-8618 ‬to warn (threaten) me about a $1000 phone that had been ordered and that I needed to provide some information so they could cancel the order. And if I didn’t respond soon enough the phone would get shipped to someone else and I would be charged and have to pay for it. They were able to send me temporary passwords from Verizon’s actual text alert number, but I assume they were requesting passwords using my email address. Also when I wanted a number to reach them they were very direct that I should call a number they provided and NOT to call Verizon Customer Service because they would take a long time to take my call. Talked to Fraud at Verizon, definitely a scam.

I had the same thing a couple of months ago. they also were sending me letters in snail mail on Verizon letter head to look official. The fraud dept. got all the information and actually called me to let me know that they had tracked down the culprit and charges had been filed. they had me send copies of the letters and I had recorded phone conversations as well.