Virtual Machine Setup

I have put alot of time into my VM,it is very stealthed, no where can you find trace that it is virtual box, I have been working on some fake AOL email addresses, mostly because, well if you have AOL you need tech support :slight_smile: I have been in stalling some softwares , like free office, bonzi buddy, and other ridiculous software.

What are some other ideas that you have done to your VM to make it very presentable to scammers ?

last night after a tree commnd just would not stop, it was fun to watch, I thought, well what if I had a directory with like 500,000 0kb files in it, even a DIR /S would run for ever, after I get this , I would be happy to zip it up and share. it is fun to watch when the script is not working because the software does not give the desired results, also, *** tip *** backspace while they are running tree or Dir, I had my tech run it 7 times, try to beat that-- just sayin

Share your ideas

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I usually run and then fill any programs I installed with fake into or setting them up and I also go to a ton of random sites in my browser to make it look like it’s used alot.