Virtual Machine

I Have Just Installed A Virtual Box Into 1 Of My Computers. I Installed it Without A Windows Product Key. My Computer, Host Machine, Is Running Off Windows 10. I Need To Know If It Is Still Possible For The Scammer Computer To Send Me A Virus Thru It To My Host Machine? I Now Have Skype & A Burner Type Cell Phone. I Also Now Have A VPN Thru ULTRAVPN. I AM READY TODO BATTLE WITH THE SCAMMERS! I also downloaded the RAT From This Site. I Just Need The Instructions On How to Use It. I Intend To Have Great Delight In Screwing With The Scammers! Anyone’s Input Will Be Greatly Appreciated! Thank You!..MIKE

Hi! Please make sure when you create a post that it’s in the right category, I’ll move this one for you. You should be safe unless their is some vmware exploit they can use which I’m sure none of them know how to do.