VirtualBox Issues

I am trying to get Windows installed on VirtualBox but it keeps saying something about AMD Acceleration and when I try to load Windows it just stays black with the blue windows flag and stays like that. Does anyone know a work around or should I just try VMWare?

Here is the exact error message. VT-x/AMD-V hardware acceleration is not available on your system. Certain guests (e.g. OS/2 and QNX) require this feature and will fail to boot without it.

I have another desktop maybe I will set that up and just use it for a virtual machine.

I Think I Know The Section Error Message You Got. Is This The VirtualBox By: ORACLE? If So Have You Watched The YouTube Video Made By Mikethetech? I Think During The Initial Setting Up Of The Machine You May Have Missed The Section To Enable That Box During The Settings Stage Of The Virtual Machine. When You Have The Virtual Machine Screen on Click on SETTINGS. Then Click On SYSTEM. Then Click On: ACCELERATION. Then Notice If The Two Boxes Marked: Hardware Virtualization: Enable VT-x/AMD-V
Enable Nested Paging
Click/Check Both Of Those Boxes. This May Correct The Problem For You.

It was turned off in Bios I got it fixed now but I have to finish setting up windows.

It Is A Time Consuming Task. Getting A VirtualBox Up & Running. You WILL FEEL GREAT Once You Have It Down. Especially After You Have Installed It Into A Second Computer! I Take It The Virtualization Wasn’t Activated In BIOS? I Will Be Stepping Outside Of My Apartment To Have A Cigarette, Can’t Smoke In The Building, For A While. I’ll Be Back Soon.