VirtualBox wont work for me because my computer has no virtualization, is there any VM Software that will work with it? I really want to waste scammers time but its hard to keep them on the phone unless you can let them connect with your computer. If worse comes to worse I have a really crappy old laptop I can use if I hae to but would prefer a vm.



What are the specs of your computer I had a really hard time finding the setting in my bios to enable virtualization



Their Are Two Videos On: YouTube Pertaining To “Enable” The “Virtualization” In Windows 10. It Should Also Work On Other Windows. "How to Access “Virtualization in BIOS Windows 10”. I Watched Videos Made By: mikethetech & thiojoe.



Mine says it doesn’t have virtualization.



I ended up getting a new laptop because I needed one with more space my cloudbook wasn’t cutting it. Anyways long story short I got VirtualBox working and have a new Windows 7 fresh and ready to take on scammers now I need to find recording software.



You could try OBS Studio. It’s free and does a really good job. (You may want to install OBS on your host machine as most scammers don’t want you to record the scam.)

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