VM Question - remote keyboard locking

Does a scammer, using something like teamviewer, have the capability of completely locking me out from my VM keyboard, even on my host machine?


They can indeed stop you from typing on your virtual machine. I’ve found that with Virtual Box (if that’s what you use) it stops them from doing anything more if you close it out and choose Save Image State or something like that.

Thank you. I am using Virtual Box. So it is helpful to know that they can lock me out of the VM so I assume I still have control of my host (master machine’s) cursor - Correct?

As long as the ID you gave from Teamviewer was the ID that was for the VM’s Teamviewer then they can only access the VM.

As for annoying/locking out scammers, the good old (RIGHT) CTRL + P (or Pause) in the VirtualBox menu’s works fine. You could also Right click the network icon on VM’s virtualbox window (down the bottom) and uncheck Connect Network Adaptor.

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Thank you. That is very helpful