VOIP options for Australia + What does VOIP look like on Caller ID?

Hi, I’m looking to get into scambaiting, particularly those that target my area. A dumber, younger me used my real phone number on a bunch of those surveys and offers through apps that would claim to pay you, so I get a tonne of scam calls.

These scam calls all spoof their numbers as Australian, so would I be right in assuming that whatever I use to call them should be able to call Australian numbers? If that’s the case, it appears my options are Globphone (which looks kinda fake?) or just using Skype credit. A subscription to Skype to call Australian landlines (which all these spoofed numbers are) is only 5AUD a month for unlimited minutes, I’m more than happy to pay that. I’d be using a brand new, unconnected-to-me Skype account, and pay using a dummy PayPal that I’ve transferred money to with my real one. Unless the more experienced baiters out there think that that’s overkill.

Has anybody got any experience using Skype to call supposed landlines? If I do end up going the Skype route, would it also maybe be worth buying a Skype number so that I’ve got something to give these guys to call me back on?

Also, and additional question: what do these VOIP services look like on caller ID to those on the other end of the line?

Hey. I am not sure about the Skype part of the question since I haven’t used it. I use TextMe, TextNow or Hangouts.

If you call with Globephone, it shows 10000000 or something as the number. TextNow on the other hand shows the number assigned so there’s a better chance of scammer picking up the call since you have a number.

hey @Jasp
I think the fake Paypal account to pay for skype credit is a bit of an overkill. I was thinking about using Skype and setting up VM to Scambait these pricks, they call me almost every day and I’m getting sick of them.
If you’ve find any better option to use in Australia let me know, there has to be something we can use other than Skype. In the USA they have plenty of apps to screen your number but I cant find any decent ones in Aus.

I also looking for something textnow don’t work for us in Australia

There are a number of sites which offer free calls to Australian numbers with varying degrees of success.



If the scammer is using a spoofed number there is no way of calling that number back because it will usually “not be in service”.

To my knowledge, they use spoofed numbers on the robocaller’s and you have to press 0,1,2,3, etc… for your call to be forwarded to the scammer and they’d most likely get your phone number. (Not sure how that would work if you had caller ID disabled in your phone ???)

From what I can gather, its better to find the numbers these scam centers are using, the info on what type of scam/s their running and call them up on a voip phone that can’t be identified back to you.


It was quite limited last time I looked.

Use a VPN and a service like TextNow get a few free numbers. Works a treat. Just make up heaps of fake accounts. Everything is free

Hi Crazy_Clown,

I’m not sure where your located.

I’m in Australia and it seems impossible to signup with textnow to get US voip numbers.

I tried signing up on 2 different devices using a vpn but they find a way to prevent me from doing so.

No go on my Android phone because I was redirected from my browser to the Play store and forced to use the app.(my Aussie Google ID & IMEI number prevents signup using app)

Couldn’t do so on the computer either. It requests to use Facebook, Google or Apple to create an account.

From posts i have seen elsewhere online, it seems really hard to register outside of the US.
(I would need someone in the US to create a gmail account for me and i use those creds with a vpn to create a textnow account)

And im also looking for a service that has Australian voip numbers for use in my country.

Any recommendations from anyone would be much appreciated.:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

I’m in Aus and I registered a canadian number last week, it took a few goes but it worked. Are you using a free VPN or paid? Don’t use Google, Facebook or Apple to login, create an account also use a temp number to verify, heaps of sites that have them. Good Luck

I’m using P.I.A VPN and it didn’t allow any other options on the textnow sign up page. Just sign up with Google, etc…

I will try using some free US based proxies and hopefully I will have some luck.:crossed_fingers:

Out of curiosity, what do you use a payment method ?

Sorry just noticed that, its after the registration Textnow gives you the option to log in with email or username. Also alot of these VPN’s get blacklisted, even Netflix has woken up to this…
I tried signing up with Google voice and it went through however 5 mins later it banned voice on that account stating I would need to get in touch with google, they can go fuck themselves nosey pricks.

Payment? I haven’t paid a cent Lol

Try Australian Phone Company, very cheap including SIP trunks

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Hey there Crazy clown I can help u get a Free Text now number as i live in the Us. I dont know if your interested in getting one but i would be happy to help u get one if need be.


Thanks for the offer, I’m all good mine works fine however looks like HakNoob_error_451 requires some help.

Happy Baiting all

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I will send you a DM.

Yeah unfortunately a lot of VPN’s are on the blacklist now and their not good for too much.
Hopefully I can find a new us based proxy server that hasn’t been abused and put on a blacklist.

And as far as Google goes, their NO better than these “dhokhaadhadhe karane vaale vikreta benchods” !!!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Wow, I think I just learned some new Hindi words. I only recognize the last one in that salvo. :grin:
Keep up the good fight, Aussie Friends. :us:

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