VOIP options for Australia + What does VOIP look like on Caller ID?

Hi, I’m looking to get into scambaiting, particularly those that target my area. A dumber, younger me used my real phone number on a bunch of those surveys and offers through apps that would claim to pay you, so I get a tonne of scam calls.

These scam calls all spoof their numbers as Australian, so would I be right in assuming that whatever I use to call them should be able to call Australian numbers? If that’s the case, it appears my options are Globphone (which looks kinda fake?) or just using Skype credit. A subscription to Skype to call Australian landlines (which all these spoofed numbers are) is only 5AUD a month for unlimited minutes, I’m more than happy to pay that. I’d be using a brand new, unconnected-to-me Skype account, and pay using a dummy PayPal that I’ve transferred money to with my real one. Unless the more experienced baiters out there think that that’s overkill.

Has anybody got any experience using Skype to call supposed landlines? If I do end up going the Skype route, would it also maybe be worth buying a Skype number so that I’ve got something to give these guys to call me back on?

Also, and additional question: what do these VOIP services look like on caller ID to those on the other end of the line?

Hey. I am not sure about the Skype part of the question since I haven’t used it. I use TextMe, TextNow or Hangouts.

If you call with Globephone, it shows 10000000 or something as the number. TextNow on the other hand shows the number assigned so there’s a better chance of scammer picking up the call since you have a number.

hey @Jasp
I think the fake Paypal account to pay for skype credit is a bit of an overkill. I was thinking about using Skype and setting up VM to Scambait these pricks, they call me almost every day and I’m getting sick of them.
If you’ve find any better option to use in Australia let me know, there has to be something we can use other than Skype. In the USA they have plenty of apps to screen your number but I cant find any decent ones in Aus.