VOIP software

Anyone got any good recommendations for VOIP software (Free if possible)

I’ve got my VM running, VPN, (I even got anydesk and teamviewer running and ready just in case).

I just need a voip software. Any good recommendations? (I’d prefer something that runs well with a voice-over software)

At some point I may even try developing a few programs to run on their computers. (I’ve got a pretty fun one where I replace their Internet explorer/chrome shortcut and it puts 2000 files on their desktop and opens a new browser window. I know not very big but pretty funny to watch people see a flooded desktop with something like “Stop scamming”)

Oh and Hi everyone!


Most people here use Google Voice, but I think it’s only available in the USA. What i’d like to know is if there’s an alternate that allows burner numbers/spoofing so that I can look like I’m from the USA since that’s where most of the scammers on this website use.

It has been discussed a few times. TextNow, Google Voice, Google Hangouts.
As for number spoofing, try bobrtc.