VPN with Port forwarding

Anyone know of any good Vpns that allow port forwarding?

Private internet access does allow you to open ports and I also believe you can do it with open VPN, but do remember this will make your VPN less secure.

How would this make it less secure? Wouldn’t I be using the Vpns Servers to Port Forward.
Just Curious

I put forward on my router then use my VPN and once in awhile my rat connects but only rarly if VPN is on wont connect at all if VPN is off I think I broke it somehow lol

Im planing to Port Forward through a Vpn which i recommend as it is more secure than doing it through your router. If your Vpn has the option to Port Forward through it, I think you will have less connectivity issues.
Just a suggestion

thanks got any ideas on a good vpn with port forwarding threw it? i use proton vpn

I use Mullvad Vpn and they allow Port Forwarding through their servers.

I agree with Lana as I’ve used Mullvad for port forwarding for use of RATs through VPN connections.