Wanting to get into scam baiting. Looking for Guidance

I’ve been watching a lot of ScammerRevolts and Kitboga as I’ve only recently stumble across this delightful sport and I’ve been thinking “well that looks easy enough.” However in the process of setting up my Windows 10 VM and making it look… Lived in, I have been wondering about the potential risks involved and how do I minimize them. That and other than setting up my VM, I’m rather stumped on how to proceed.
Is there anything a noob should know? Is there anything I can (or should) prepare for? Any recommended programs? And how do I get started?
Basically I’m looking for a beginners guide.


Well as for staying safe, never give scammers any of your real information. A VPN ran on your actual computer would also be good so scammers can’t figure out your IP address I recommend PIA: https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/.

As for calling them don’t use your actual phone use a service like text now or google voice which are both free to call scammers.

For filling up your VM use this site here which lets you choose some programs and it downloads and installs them all for you https://ninite.com/. Going on google chrome on your VM and just going to a ton of sites is also good so you fill up your search history since scammers tend to look at that from time to time.

Also here is a good post on helping to hide the fact your VM is a VM - How to make a VMware Virtual Machine match host system info

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Remember that an older person probably won’t have very much on their computer. Also, if you would like a good free voice changer, I would go with Voxal Voice Changer. Windscribe is a good free VPN. Something that helped me was to write up a story about who my character is (name, birthday, set up emails and amazon login, etc, make up an address near where your VPN server is (so just go on google maps, click randomly near there, you’ll probably get an address, if not, try again), I also put in the name, address, and birthdays of my characters close relatives) To find scam numbers (the ones once they pop up on these sites will already know that they’ve been busted) go to bing and search up “amazon support number” or something like that. Scroll to the bottom. You’ll find a few ads. Usually one of them is fake. You can tell because it will list a different phone number from all the other ones. You can also open https://popupscamfinder.com in your VM. Also, use Northwatch (northwatchbank.com) it is a fake bank and you can adjust how much money is in each account. It looks rather convincing, even the free version. The PRO version (one-time purchase of $5) gives you full customization. Also, it tracks the scammer’s IP, so if they aren’t using a VPN, you can find out which postal code they are in (anywhere in the world). If they are using a VPN, you can tell because they will be in the USA or UK. 95% of scammers are in India, and the others are in a few other developing nations. None are in the USA or UK. As long as you are using a VM, use a VPN, use a different phone number, never tell them your personal details, and never open any of their links outside of the VM, you’ll be fine. Also, I recommend adding a passwords.txt file to the desktop.

Edit: Also, if you follow Kitboga’s tactics, it’s pretty easy. On my first call, I got going for 4 hours before I had to go.


Thanks so much for the amount of effort you just put in, BurntToast7. Tons of helpful info. however if I’m wanting to access files like ScammersRevolt, what’s the best way to go about that on for example anydesk? And if I run the VPN off my host PC, will it affect the VM?

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Thanks so much and I love your videos, ScammerRevolts. I still have question. how do you bypass the black screen that scammers use to try and hide their activities? Like when they are editing the html using inspect element on chrome or transferring money between the fake banks accounts.

Hope to get to your level one day.

I never really have that happen in my videos

Oh well. I saw Kitboga deal with it and I was just wondering if you could fill me in, but if it’s not a regular occurrence and I can get started without, then it’s not a big deal.

Thanks for your time and please, keep up the good work!

One more thing – try https://scambaitsoundboard.com (exactly what the name suggests)

To make sure that the scammer will hear the sounds from there, do a few things

  1. Use the TextNow application for calls
    The following only applies to Windows 10
  2. Right click on the volume button in the bottom right of your real PC
  3. Click on “Sound Settings”
  4. Click on “Manage Sound Devices”
  5. Click on “Stereo Mix”
  6. Click “Enable” (if the button is “Disable”, then you’re set)

@Z-Max Accessing any scammer’s files is illegal, for obvious reasons. Even though no scambaiter has been prosecuted for it, I will not provide assistance with this matter. I plead the 5th.

I suspected as such. Thanks so much for your help up to this point, BurntToast7, and I understand your decision. Good luck out there.

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