Wells Fargo refund scam (800) 642-4740‬

Tried to call Wells Fargo. They have a number very close to them Incase of misdial.

Went through an automated message then a girl answered trying to get me a refund for nothing.

‭1 (800) 642-4740‬

This is a medical alert system I am talking to a robot now. Her name Jessica she is a robot. Lol I kept saying help I have fallen and I can’t get up and she just kept talking. Ok now its a free rewards $100. I did this call with Mr.Vertigo9000 I wish I recording this but this guy is going on and on about things that are not about this.

Yeah we did this dude was tripping

I called them and the person kept telling me that I need to emancipate my self from mental freedom

Dude they are high on some acid right now

This was a woman that I got she wasn’t even making sense with what she was talking about

Got the same recorded Life Alert system thing I just posted about in Bcurry33’s newest post called “Fake Tech Support 1-818-284-4668”. It’s pretty funny. Can confirm Jessica is a robot.