What do to do with money mule info?

so lately I’ve been trying to social engineer the benchodes into giving me their money mules account and personal information but now that I got it what if it is a victims account they got? anyways who should I report it to besides the bank?

Might depend on how they want you to send the money. For FedEx, UPS, etc., they might likely use an AirBnB-type address, just long enough to get the package delivered. I don’t know if doing a lookup on an address would give any indication that it was an AirBnB.
A couple of of the “TV upgrade” scammers have given me a post office box number to send a check for a “deposit on the very expensive software.” The Postal Inspection Service might take an interest in that.
Short of sending a mule a glitter bomb, or being in the right place at the right time to talk to a delivery driver and explain to him or her what’s going on, it’s a tough one.

Glitter Bomb & Fart Spray - Like Mark Rober LOL!


They gave me bank details to wire money to. I reported it to ftc

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I can take this information, do you have discord and we could communicate there. I work with people who have connections who can report these accounts and have more of a chance of getting them investigated/dealt with. Same with @Scamhunter71 if you need someone to report them too.

I haven’t figured out Discord yet, but I could DM you what I got out of the two calls. I think the Albuquerque address was wrong, but the NJ address might lead to something. They weren’t quite as greedy as the later ones were in how much they wanted as the “deposit” for the “very expensive software.”

Sure feel free to DM me.

Use this service: https://poopsenders.com/

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I am working on a grant scammer now. Hope to get an account tonight.

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my username is

@KFCConspiracy that’s awesome man lol I need to use this for something else