What should I know as a newbie

So I am new. I recently had a long discussion with a tech support scammer the other day, in which (after I admitted to wasting his time), he completely broke character and told me their operation details. How much people they have scamming, where theyre located (Not india surprisingly) and other details. Anyways upon discovering he has 0 morals or any remorse, I decided I wanted to get involved.

Ive watched many videos of people syskeying, uploading rats, deleting files, etc and Im very interested.

I had a few questions that I hope you guys could help me out with.

  1. I am using a bootable persistent volume of Kali Linux, then I plan on running a VPN through Kali, and downloading a Virtual Machine (VMWare? Virtual Box?) Is this sufficient enough to protect my identity? I plan on using anonymous calling programs also but I havent gotten that far.

  2. Is there any limitations (id think there would be the OPPOSITE) with using Kali Linux instead of host being windows?

  3. I know the trick of getting them to believe the pass isnt working, and then connecting to them then switching connection to host computer so they dont know what youre doing (Is there any tuts for this btw? Ive never used team viewer or any of the software they may try to use)
    . Is there any other way I can gain access or dump files when they connect to me? I was thinking of creating a bait program or folder they’ll hopefully open and then using that, but I was just curious if anyone else had any other suggestions

Those are really my top 3 questions. Sorry for the wall of text but im antsy to get these guys!!

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I have one suggestion. Kali is a great OS and I’ve used it for quite a while. Recently I’ve found another great OS that I use and personally I think it’s an improvement over Kali. It’s called Parrot OS by Parrot Sec (I’ll leave a link to their home page). Also, from my personal experience, Virtual Box is easier to navigate and create/manage VM’s, as well as Windows being Host OS.

Well for Linux you won’t get very long scambait calls at all, a windows VM would be much better. Keeping yourself safe online when calling scammers is really just using a VPN, fake number, and of course a VM. These guys really aren’t smart at all, use all fake info and you will be good!

I have a tutorial here on creating a virtual machine - How to make a VM with VMware Workstation pro 15!