What to do about this

I received a call ((845) 377-0208) stating that they are going out of business and want to refund the amount that i had paid for the computer services. he claimed that i have been sent extra money which i have to pay them back now. he asked my to send the check of $5000 to the following address in the name of :-
Fred W Brown
1175 La Moree RD #SPC 80, San Marcos, CA 92069
(760) 742-1328.
I have already sent the check through fedex. is there anyways i can get my money back.
please suggest what to do. TIA

Report the check to your bank immediately and they can probably cancel it. Banks are also good nowadays about fraud recovery, they should be willing to work with you if you help them file a report on it.

looks like the number was a grasshopper number and is dead now. Usually if these guys get what they want they get scared and delete the number.

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