What to do after creating a VM

I made windows 10 VM in vmware, SO WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP plz be specific as i am new.I would like to know about vpn and how to call along with which software on host and vm. and how to make a new vm look like a real desktop.plz tell how to prevent a scammer from syskeying my vm?

Thank you

I would install some basic programs like office if I were you and follow jim browings tutorial on how to make a stealthy vm. link: [Tutorial] How to make a stealthy Virtual Machine - YouTube
If you’re done with that I’d make a sanpshot so if he syskeys you you can revert the vm. For more questions dm me or just reply here!


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You can also syskey your own machine with a code known to you. It will ask them for the password if they try to syskey you. It can make for some interesting conversation as it presents an opportunity to reveal yourself, or say that you got scammed before or something to make yourself seem even dumber and keep them on the line.

Install some free programs: steam, firefox/chrome, spotify, itunes, etc.

A VPN will help keep them out of your network later on. Installing a VPN on your host machine can get the job done pretty easily. Once you have one installed on your host (I use Nord VPN), you can get it up and running and check your IP at whatismyipaddress.com for free.

If you want to be really clever, you can set your fake phone number to an area code that matches the location of your IP address.

Making a snapshot is crucial before allowing any external access to your machine. You always need to have a way back to before they mess anything up. Also, keep shared clipboard, and shared files turned off on your VM (it usually is off by default), as that can give them access to your host.

Lastly, consider using a dummy machine instead of your main machine. You did not mention it, but it is useful information. Some scammers can use exploits to get to your main which can be bad.

There are many other ways to hide and secure yourself, and ways to waste their time without even using a PC.

I am new here, but I am not new to network security, risk mitigation, or end user support. You can ask me anything.

i dont have a dummy machine
what to now
and i use a laptop is that fine
and plz tell a calling service which gives free fake caller id and numbers

the VMware tools are still are present are doing the things in the tutorial plz help

That is fine for now. I still use my main sometimes because it is more powerful and can run background tasks that my dummy cannot.

If your laptop can run the VM without major lag then you should be fine. I use virtualbox inside a Linux host, but I will be making a tutorial for running Vbox on Windows.

I use Burner which is not free, but it is cheap, reliable, unlimited, and you can change your number and get the same scammer even after being blocked. Textplus, textfree, google voice, skype, are all good options too. If you really want to get into this and stay secure, you have to be willing to pay a little bit for good tools.

In the meantime, check out some free VPN options and those other free voice and text services I mentioned. You can (and should) create a fake email account for signing up for these services so that if one gets compromised, you don’t have to worry about scammers using your real email to send things to your family and friends.

I don’t want to turn this into a Promo post, but others have made good YouTube tutorials on getting started and I plan to do the same.

Since this is mainly just scambait related I’ll be moving it to the scambait question category.

Can you plz help in free VPN and other software to install or do plz I would be greatful

Do I know about call flooder and other things to fully shut down the scammer whole call center plz let me know

Any advice would be good as I am new here and I only came because of your videos
Thanks for accepting me
I hope that you guys will help me and each other out.

hope that helps. You can also search topics in the top right hand corner or pm me for extra help.

use remote desktop better than a vm on your local machine

We use virtual machines to create a secure environment, for our own safety against scammers.