What to watch for, when playing with scammers?

I’ve always enjoyed playing around the Lottery scammers (Julie Leach mostly, etc.), but am looking into playing around with some other types of scammers.

What do you need to be careful of when allowing scammers on a computer, or VM?

Make sure no personal data on the VM and before granting access, on AnyDesk/Teamviewer, block access to your webcam. You can also block the Camera app in the VM if it is on Windows 10. Don’t grant access to the main computer as when you piss them off goodness knows what they will do to your computer. Trick them that it is a main computer by hiding VirtualBox GAs or VMware Tools, and maybe restrict control panel and msinfo32 so they won’t find out. If they ask you why, tell them that your system admin disabled that feature.

the following is only a good idea if your system doesn’t already have a webcam (I don’t know if VirtualBox and VMware give you any control on which webcams can be accessed by VMs)

if you’re feeling adventurous, you can use ManyCam to set up a virtual webcam that uses external files (videos, animated GIFs, even static images) as its video feed.
version 4 lets you remove the ManyCam logo in the free version.

YouTube has many tutorials on this, often found by searching for how to troll on ChatRoulette or Omegle

imagine the shock on some poor bhenchod’s face when he tries to access your “webcam” only to find shocking and disturbing content