What type system used?

helloscammer revolt!
Hello Scammer Revolt! I have been watching you use your computer and noticed it runs very fast??? Can I ask if whats under the hood? I have built 2 systems in the past,but lost both after Hurricane Harvey. Now I am down to a laptop with google ,not Microsoft, It sucks!!! I have no room to install A VM machine!!!
I would like to ask if you would make a how to video that"s a little slower than when you are on twitch? Just a suggestion!
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I’m not too sure what you are asking me here, for hardware information or my VM setup… my system is very overkill for most user’s cases but also from what you are saying it sounds like your laptop would most likely not be compatible in the case of running VB or VMWare. You would have to create a Linux install on your chrome book to have a chance of doing this, I don’t have any tutorials for running any kind of hypervisor on Linux but maybe this information will help you.

Scambait guide (includes VM setup on windows): Getting started with scambaiting! - A Guide

Setting up Linux on a chrome book: How to install Linux on Chrome OS - YouTube